Jun. 13th, 2012

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A nine-track fanmix attempting to paint a portrait of the God of Thunder.

Track listing, lyrics, notes, and download links inside. )

About a year ago, when I first got into the Thor fandom, I came across About Being Noticed by [livejournal.com profile] wicked_time, a Loki fanmix I ended up falling deeply in love with. It's very rare for me to find a full mix of songs I not only listen to over and over again, but also find perfect for the character. What really struck me about the mix, though, was the sense of chronology, and how listening to it from beginning to end felt like I was being absorbed in the story of Loki's personality.

The only thing missing from the perfect world where this fanmix existed, clearly, was an equivalent for Thor. I have been working on this for months, trying and re-trying tracks until I nursed it to my ear's satisfaction. My ear is finally satisfied, so here it is!

Full fst [@dropbox] [@8tracks]

01 | Carbon Leaf - Shine [x] [Youth]
     it's the giant, so defiant
    but I'm happier if I can sleep
     if I wake though, volcano! fee fi fo fum bang the drum around or put it down
    and figure out if I'm out of line

02 | Darren Korb - Spike in a Rail [x] [Reckless]

03 | Puscifer - Momma Sed [x] [Frigga]
     wake up son of mine
     momma got something to tell you
     life will have its way
     with your pride, son

04 | The National - Forever After Days [x] [Responsible]
     take my shot under the light
     heroes come the common way
     pull myself into the sky
     wrap me in the banner I made

05 | Nick Cave - Come Into My Sleep [x] [Jane]
     take your accusations your incriminations and toss them into the ocean blue
     leave your regrets and impossible longings scattered across the sky behind you
     and come into my sleep

06 | Murder by Death - Ash [x] [Comrades in Arms]
    the ghosts were howlin' in the late afternoon, we were
     singin' along to the same old tune.
     I turned to my brothers to look them in the eye;
     there was ash...ash falling from the sky.

07 | A Perfect Circle - Crimes [x] [Unstable]

08 | Sneaker Pimps - The Fuel [x] [Sexual]
     I've got the fuel in my head from the flesh; I need to break sweat
     I've got the fuel and I might get offensive; I might be some threat
     I want back doors, want blood on the sheets again
     give me back doors, give me blood on sheets again

09 | Murder by Death - White Noise [x] [Resolved]
     you've heard the stories of me
     you know what I can do
     I take the embers of man's anger
     and there's nothing I can't spin them into

Bonus Track - Mjolnir's Song
XX | A Perfect Circle - The Hollow (Constantly Consuming Mix) [x]
      so grow, libido, throw
     dominoes of indiscretions down
     falling all around, in cycles, in circles
     constantly consuming
       conquer and devour

Full fst [@dropbox] [@8tracks]

Cover graphic credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] mattatoio.


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