Nov. 13th, 2013

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A Balder Odinson FST

[download link] [8tracks]

So, I spent about a year and change on a Thor FST to match my favorite Loki one...and naturally, that left me one brother short of my ideal trio. So Kat and I embarked upon the endless search for the perfect combination for Balder the White. We did a really good job until we got stuck for like...months because we couldn't find THE PERFECT Frigga song (Loki and Thor each have one, so it was unthinkable that Balder shouldn't) - but last night, we prevailed.

In true Balder style, most of this music is soft and depressing. This is probably a good FST to fall asleep to, or like, drown to. One or the other. So I'm not sure if "enjoy" is the right prompt to leave here, but it is pretty, so enjoy anyway!

Cover (and most of the track selections) by [ profile] mattatoio, I was basically the assistant on this one.

01 | Great Lake Swimmers - Put There By The Land [x] [Nature]
there's a mark on my hand put there by the land
can't you see it's in me, can't you see?
there's a mark on the land put there by my hand

02 | Blank Capsule - Compulsion [x] [Confidence; or lack thereof]
finding the right words
can be a problem
how many times must it be said
there's no plan
it had to happen

03 | Gravenhurst - Song Among the Pine [x] [Nature (reprise)]
the ripple of the stream
is just one way the forest speaks to me
the anger in the streets
is just the way a broken city breathes

04 | Lightning Dust - Wondering What Everyone Knows [x] [Love]
you are a sound in my head
sew up my ears with your thread
with you on my head
and me on my toes
wondering what everyone knows

05 | Jose Gonzalez - How Low [x] [Loki]
someday you'll be up to your knees
in the shit you seed.
all the gullible
that you mislead
won't be up for it

06 | Murder by Death - Go To The Light [Failure]
pushed on and pushed aside
i've changed my song to match each story
i've changes sides
can i watch 'em as they fall
when they finally try to stand
redeem myself for everyone I've buried with these hands?

07 | Big Haunt - Burn Me Up [x] [Sorrow]
i'll be seeded
mended with the land
i'll grow quiet
i'll turn myself to sand

08 | Ane Brun - Lullaby for Grown-Ups [x] [Frigga]
don’t be afraid
don’t wear your inside out
to keep you warm

09 | Akira Yamaoka - Betrayal [x] [Ragnarok]

when I was a boy, I traveled often. forests opened to me, wolves put away their fangs and trod by my side as if they were pups. I learned the language of birds through their careful, patient tutelage, that they would offer no one else.

as I grew, a sword grew from my arm. it forged me like a chain to my brothers and sisters, together in arms we would defend, together in blood we would ravage. I gave up Gaea's gentle caress for the harsh and savage embrace of my people. the birds are strangers, now, the wolves beasts.

yet, when I kiss the face of a red blossom, the color drains, and the darling turns white against my lips.

[download link] [8tracks]


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