Jul. 28th, 2014

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because you just might fuckin' DROWN in that river of fandom you were whining about a month ago D-DEAR GOD-- it's like...every fandom I've ever had rushed up right into my throat and on TOP OF THAT I'm crushing so hard on yowamushi pedal that I'm about to claw my own face off.

I tried to play it cool. I tried to be all like...yeah this...this bike anime...is not THAT cool...it's not THAT great...

but...but it is great...it's GREAT, you guys...it's great and I love it...and best of all so many of my friends are getting infected beyond hope of salvation...please talk to me about your yowapedal feelings if you have them I HAVE SO MANY I KEEP TRYING TO PLAY IT COOL BUT I LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH OTL ESPECIALLY MY IDIOT DUMB SPEEDSTERS...tadokoro...naruko...shinkai...but...also...EVERYONE?? I'm having such a hard time not being 100% FULLY emotionally invested in everyone like I'm trying not to drown in this much love it's AWFUL.

speaking of awful [livejournal.com profile] fallen_woman is awful (AND BY THAT I MEAN SHE'S THE BEST) jfc one of my digimon songs just came on my winamp and it's enough to make me want to lay my face on the floor and cry instead of draw but I have to draw I have so MUCH STUFF TO DRAW i wanna draw the...yowapeds...I wanna draw all of them...


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