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Oh my god so much art, again. Here are the Avengers attempting to have breakfast.

Let's start with the finished drawings.

This highly disturbing fanart brought to you by the scold's bridle.

Avengers has given me new reasons to love the Hulk. And about eight dozen reasons to ship this. Here are Hulk's feelings about Tony: "...Hulk likes iron one. He is shiny and pretty in the sky."

Guess who saw Megamind for the first time finally...he was too pretty to resist.

Ink commission I owed Eve of Thor Herc Amadeus and Loki bro-ing around <3

Illustration for South Park Big Bang of the fic Delinquent by [ profile] labyrinth1n3! Oh yeah I wrote a fic for that too, huh. I...guess I am going to post that at some point.

Avengers made me do it.

A full page from my Smut Peddler story to celebrate how out of this world successful the kickstarter was - over 400% funded and 650$ in bonus money to each of the contributers!! I can't wait to have this book in my hands, it's going to be absolutely fucking incredible.

Next up is a shit-ton of panels from the Thor/Loki doujin I drew for Deja Blue's Superhero Anthology. No full comics here just a lot of teasing out of context panels sorry.

(Yes the story is almost stupidly happy and fluffy I had to.)

Now on to the sketchpile!

Filip's "supervillain" identity, Magpie, got an update.

Loki as Puck because. Well. Just because.

Practice/copy sketch.

Prelim sketch for the Scold's Bridle piece.

Loki gets up to a lot of shit, and Hawkeye comes clean.

For a meme on tumblr because Pete is a little bitch.

Ric as a cocatiel and also sick.

And no post would be complete without some fatguys at the end.


Lil Loki got STUFF TO DO.

Vito being way too popular for his own good.

Good lord that was a mouthful. Until next time!
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