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Okay time for me to dump a whole bunch of art here. Once I'm up to date I can talk about LIFE and stuff P:

[ profile] sumeragiskank's MLP avatar drawn by kat colored by me DO NOT STEAL.


A reminder that I am obsessively fixated (with good reason) on the Contendings of Horus and Set, and drawing Filip as Set and Bay as Horus in creatively homoerotic positions.

Stress release.

Apollo just...being a sulky, sullen prick. Probably thinking about his sister's vagina and why she won't let him have access to it.

Richard Welsh, reporting for duty...

Figure drawing practice turned into an Adonis/Venus sketch.

Indulgent porn of Vito - click through for transparent version.

Indulgent porn of female!Filip (aka Dragon Age Filip), click through for transparent version <3

Gift for Karen in a wayyyyyyyyy long overdue trade <3

Did you know that Thor 2 is going to have dark elves and his hair braided? NOW YOU KNOW ;-; /consumedwithlust.jpg

A sketch request on tumblr for a "quiet moment" that turned out to be more of a "SOB YOUR EYES OUT" moment.

Once Thor had departed, Frigga wrapped her summer shawl around her shoulders and went in search of Loki. Failing to find him, she went to the charred remains of the last forest to fall victim to the unseasonable wildfire, and sat there, reading, until a red fox emerged from the burnt wood and became her younger son.

Red Ruin and the Breaking Up of Laws by HummingBirdMoth

Slowly working on my goal of illustrating every chapter of this fic. Stop looking at this post and go read it instead. You can come back when you're done.

Loki sporting a Lichtenberg figure rather sluttily.

Thor as Khal of the Dothraki because...I have no self control. Stay tuned for Thor as a mer-man.

Loki teasing Thor and just being outright horrible to Balder and actively becoming pregnant with both their children.

Pixel fun for stress relief <3

“He’s not going to do it, Loki.”
“Of course he will, this is Balder the Brave.”
“Balder the Lily. Balder the White.”
“Balder the Bold. One of my personal heroes.”

Balder I know Loki is very pretty but whatever he's telling you to do just...DON'T.

Oh man the season starts up again in like two days please ;-;

Overdue commission from Otakon - Cathy from Gundam Wing!

Fanart for the webcomic Wolf Wears Wool, which everyone should read <3

Some sleepy science bros :]

Bunch of keychain commissions - Dany and Drogo, Frank, Eames and Arthur, Wiccan, and the most important Cap to add to my Marvel collection. Now I have comics Steve, movie Steve, and UGUUUU Steve!


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