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I am going to split all this art that I have into lots of different categories, starting with probably the most important - ALL THE PORN IN ONE PLACE YAY.

warnings: fetishy stuff, rough stuff, a little bit of non/dub con, microphilia, inter-species, totally non human genetalia.


(Click through for a "transparent" version) - Lucya version Vito + some play with toys, because I can :]

Vito creampie'd - again because I can :]]]]

Yes Vito you should be very sad you have me for a creator.

Bay x Masaru~

Naso x Stea |3

My illustration for a recent SSBB - "The Author is Dead", which you should absoLUTELY read it was such a fucking treat!


Some of these I'm pretty sure I DID post on the [ profile] thor_slash community a while back, but I am officially getting myself up to date as far as my personal journal goes.

They had rolled around in the dirt, pulling and crushing at whichever part of the other they could reach; Loki felt several of his ribs snap under Thor’s fists and gasped, his throat too clotted with gravel and grime to put them back together. For a few tense seconds he was on his stomach, utterly unable to move, and Thor’s breath was hot on his neck and his hands were unmoving at his waist, unsure. Hesitating. Loki swallowed down a lungful of air, and, carefully, pressed his backside against Thor’s torn and shaking front. Thor hesitated only a moment longer before he was pawing away the few bits of clothing and armor necessary so he could enter him, and Loki felt his breath hitch as relieved, molten heat surged through his chest and stomach and throat and threatened to prick at his eyes.

Same Thor, he thought messily, his half-broken body now taut with pleasure, with fullness, with Thor’s ragged gasps near his ear, He doesn’t grow up that easily.

"Kill you," Thor was saying, through broken sniffles and a choking hiccup, "I will kill you…”

"Harder," Loki commanded, and dug his hands tight into Thor’s sweat-slippery arms, wanting his blood underneath his fingernails.

“Kill you,” Thor whined insistently, even as his hips bucked to obey the command, driving Loki so hard into the rocky earth that he felt his bones creak.

"Shh," he soothed, though his voice was little more than a rasp. It would be all right. Tears weren’t good; he hated for Thor to cry, but they wouldn’t last. "Don’t cry, brother. I’m here."

My little tribute of love to Ric's Satyr Loki because oh my fuck yes.

A two page commission I did a while back for [ profile] lies_d~ Click through page two for a transparent version!

Another commission, also transparent :3

Ooh, this one I actually haven't posted anywhere else...a commission I did of Greed from FMA and Loki, because wow yeah.

[Would super love to see this happen in many shapes and positions in the comics thanks.]

"Thor, relax. You want this. Your body craves it. There’s nothing wrong with that." Thor flashed him a bright blue glare and looked for several moments like he was unable to speak before he finally got a few words out.

"Yes, there is. Your attempt to womanize me-"

“No, Thor,” Loki murmured again, surprising even himself by how soft and gentle his voice had become. “If manhood could be destroyed by something as simple as my prick inside of you, then this might as well fall out of your body.”

From Chapter Four of the Northern Sea - this one comes with a transparent version AND a detail shot.

Thor's dolphin dick; 1, Loki; 0. The last one is transparent because I have problems.

The Adventures of Small Balder, to be detailed in another post, tend to end like this.

Not-as-small Balder :]


Er, my investment in Digimon has been FLAMING HOT lately which apparently means that I write/draw Tai and Daisuke getting pounded a lot ;;; Daisuke gets to be drilled by both TK and Flamedramon apparently while Tai is either slutting it up on his teacher (Fujiyama) or uh. Groups of wild Hanumon? I'm so glad that LJ cuts allow me to write a lot of warnings before you click them.

I have also become somewhat frantically in need of as much Annie/Reiner/Bertholdt threesome porn as possible, as well as Christa pounding Ymir into next season.

As for Free!, all dicks need to be in Makoto as often and as deep as possible. In this context he's experiencing a somewhat failed attempt to make Haru and Rin get along which involves Haru getting jealous of Rin for getting any of Mako's attention, Rin getting pissy about Makoto getting ALL of Haru's attention, and both of them getting steadily rougher without realizing it.

Another commission <3 of Dan and Chris from Dan vs The World.

Anndd one last sketch of Kyouya (WHO HERE REMEMBERS OURAN I...DO...) because I'm shameless.

...Wow okay so I'm really reallly out of practice constructing LJ posts and have drawn about 8000 things since the last time I got my journal current. Please be patient with me as I clumsily archive tons and tons of stuff.
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