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Since I got all the porn taken care of in the first post, the following will be totally SFW...well, ish. No dicks this time, at least. However this is the post of TONS AND TONS of super rough unpolished sketches, kind of thrown roughly into different categories with very little meaningful commentary from me.


Oh...woe upon me for not finishing those two, I really do want to...I'll re-draw them another time, they're concept images for portraits of my concepts of the cup-bearers of Dionysus and Apollo. (The satyr is named Oistros, the human is Hefin, and they are both very very dear to me.)

(Technically this guy is an OC but I also think of him as like..."if Saionji was a merman"...)

<333 baby <333

Concepts and spots for The Author is Dead, again <3

You ever get urges for screwed up alien invasion stories where the leading alien officer and the traitor rat human who sold everyone else out end up having a lot of REALLY power-imbalanced but still (questionably) consensual sex? Me too.

A centaur lady I gave as a gift to Olivier Coipel at NYCC this year *-* SPaRKLES IN MY EYES HE IS SO WONDERFUL AND GORGEOUS.


If you ever feel the levels of SUPER SLUTTY LOKI in the room falling, just come to me, I'll help.

No sooner was Thor asleep than he was in motion. Loki drew a deep breath, and re-grasped his mental hold on Thor’s nightmare like a rider pulling tight on the reins of a rowdy horse. Flickers of images slipped past his mind. Shadows, mostly, shadows given the ability to grip, grasp, slice and stab; a face more snake than man, thick hands, and a soft, calm voice. In reality, Thor thrashed against the dank stone floor Loki had given him the sleeping draft on (after all, you don’t want to have nightmares in your own bed), and twisted his own body as if he were helpless and restrained, his thick arms, bound by nothing, pressed tight and shivering against his writhing back.

"Not again," he groaned, as blood-flecked spittle formed on his lips and began to leak from between his clenched teeth. "No more.”

"It’s a dream, Thor. A nightmare. Gorr is dead. Loki is here. Your brother is here. We’re going to erase this pain from you."

Thor’s labored breath slowed down a bit, and Loki pulled himself closer, weighed down by the density of Thor’s struggle, and put steady hands on either side of Thor’s head, to keep him at least from grinding his skull into the floor, or breaking his own neck. Rage was distracting him. He should be concentrating on the distress - on drawing it out through Thor’s throat and giving him peace - but every time he tried to look directly at it…

Rage. Blinding, stomach-boiling rage. How dare he. How dare he. He was hearing mostly Thor’s voice, now, both dream and real, weak where it should be strong, whimpering instead of snarling, surrendering over and over again, succumbing to a stranger.

“Enough,” Loki heard him choke out, and took a sharp breath in as he, again, failed to grasp the nightmare, his palms slippery with sweat and only holding tight to the damp golden strands of Thor’s hair. “Gorr…enough…I yield…”

"Gorr is dead, Thor," Loki hissed, shaking his sleeping, suffering brother with a tightening of his claws. "Gorr is dead. Lie still, you are safe."

[God of Thunder is really fucking good you guys.]

I have Very Strong Feelings about female Thor.

And now the continued adventures of Small Balder:

Feeding Small Balder!

Exercising Small Balder!

Un-dressing Small Balder!

Small Balder plays with his brother :]

Good night, Small Balder.

Off-screen of The Northern Sea I promise you that Sif and Hogun are having a lot of kinky fem-dom sex.

Concept sketch for mer-Loki.

They lay side by side for some time in silence, and Loki, clearly exhausted, fell asleep with his face half-buried in fur. Just as Thor was about to close his eyes and do the same, Loki twitched in his arms, and cried out. Suddenly wide awake, he almost grasped Loki's shoulder to rouse him, but he was still again, though his breathing was labored and his dark brows furrowed over his tightly closed eyes. Thor watched him for a few moments before caressing his dark hair over the shell of his ear. He pressed his lips to the inside of it softly, and began to sing. In the language of the sea, he hummed a child’s lullaby about a mother who laid an enchanted shell beneath her child’s pillow so that she could keep him safe wherever she was. Gradually Loki’s face began to relax, and his breathing became even, and his weight went heavy and limp in Thor’s arms. Thor watched his face and felt that thrumming, thrilling peace through his chest as he pictured what Asgard was about to become. Not just the sea, not simply home, but the city where Loki lived, where anything could happen.

The Northern Sea, chapter five.


Saved this one for last because I have a lot of problems concerning Ohtori Akito - NEVER MIND that no one has any idea who that is or why this drawing is meant to be him. JUST KNOW I HAVE PROBLEMS.

This is probably the fattest post I have ever made jfc do be warned.


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