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Happy belated halloween everyone! Happy post-OCTOBER, WOW, I'm so glad THAT month is over (it was insane for me). I missed all the celebrations because I was MOVING - not any actual distance, but from a tiny box shaped apartment to a house. A whole freaking house. My bedroom is like 50% bigger than my old one holy crap. And the ceilings are so high?? I don't understand ceilings I can't reach up and touch with my hands. THE KITCHEN IS SO BIG *-* IT ACTUALLY HAS A DISHWASHER. Oh, and it's also BEAUTIFUL, which my old apartment was not, in any way shape or form.

Moving on halloween itself was kind of hilarious to be honest, because while my old block was sparse on the trick-or-treaters, this new one was SWARMING. The circle I now live on has an incredible array of fun-house level decorators and hundreds upon hundreds of kids showed up, meanwhile I was there awkwardly maneuvering my U-Haul truck and my fucking couch that is impossible to carry and fits through no doors known to man (why did anyone ever make this thing). We got pretty much everything in the house, though, finally, and that's what matters. Here are some photos of it before we crammed it full of stuff!

front of the house + porch yay!


more kitchen!!

back porch! it's a second floor porch (its floor is over the garage, and you can get to it right from the kitchen) and HUGE with a large red fence around the outside, and a raised platform in the center. I'm so excited because it's a large but very cosy/intimate space for barbeques and outdoor parties, plus great for putting planters for gardening!

These stairs lead from the kitchen/back door and the back porch, down to the basement! If you were to go down these the right would let you into the basement door/storage space, and the left would lead you down to the garage as well as this tiny magical vine-strewn walk that goes to the alley.

my bedroom's closet - the space beneath those drawers is a trunk that you can lift the top off of, which my still-yearning-for-Narnia 9yo self is ecstatic about.

more bedroom

between the two bedrooms is a closet space with well, mirrored closets on EVERY WALL and a skylight above! It's pretty freaking cool.

upstairs bathrooomm (there's another in the basement, no photos yet)

second bedroom! we should probably start a color war since we're blue room vs red.

more bedroom

stairwell that leads to the hugeass living room/dining room space that I did not actually take photos of ahahaha . it was really nice and ready for photos before we moved in, but now that we have it's housing most of our piles and piles of CRAP so it'll have to wait till we get settled/unpacked.

Basement steps! ooh spooky. the basement is currently a work in progress; I took some photos of the laundry room/second bathroom down there but it's really too messy to care about.

here's the mostly finished "main" room of the basement - beyond you can see what is essentially the boiler room, ie "a huge tank of oil lives here, not you". it's not a super livable space but it's not depressing, either, we'll probably be using it for storage most of the time :)

now to unpack boxes, forever and ever and ever.
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