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Okay finally, here's my last art dump, before I start going on a drawing frenzy AGAIN and rack up a bunch more stuff I still haven't posted. Proceed below the cut!


Sano, used as a cover for the little playlist I threw together for him a while back.

April in the Disturbing Rabbits Series.

May in the Disturbing Rabbits Series.

A couple of watercolor commissions~

Filip, kind of a failed experiment - I don't know if anyone is paying attention to the various incarnations of my characters, but the rule is if they exist, they usually exist in both genders. Female Filip happened when I wanted a female avatar for Dragon Age, but it turned out to be Filip, and, well. Now she's having a lot of incredibly messed up lesbian rivalry with female Bay.

Corgis! Done for a zine in September <3

Pixel portrait of [ profile] kissenliebe


Wow, this is embarrassing. I literally drew this for the new year, have I seriously not posted anything here on LJ since then?


The Adventure of Small Balder

Congratulations on your new small Balder, Loki! He is shy, but seems to like you. The best thing to do now would be to gently pet his head and reassure him that everything is okay.

No. Inappropriate.

Look what you did! Now small Balder is bleeding and crying! You’re an ass, Loki!

You look like you’re feeling guilty. You should! Get some bandages for small Balder and gently-

This is even worse. I give up.


...And thus begun Small Balder's unfortunate life in my hands, up to and now including his very own tiny pillow design.

(And yes, I do sleep with it every night.)

Sorry, Balder.

Coming soon is the story of Loki and small mer-Balder, by the way. No, I am not joking.

I seriously didn't know what to do with myself after the whole hall H debacle, so I made buttons.

The front and back covers of Mjolnir's Delight! That's a thing I did with [ profile] sumeragiskank where we combined a bunch of our fanfic efforts to make a 175 page book. IT TURNED OUT PRETTY GREAT. The contents of the book are deeply pornographic, so I made sure the cover was as cutesy and bubbly as possible.

Tattoo design, also for Kim - you can see the real piece of art here.

Human hair, gold as the absent sun, strung with seaweed and studded with pearls hung down over the creature's face and broad shoulders. Loki’s first thought was the tavern tales he had heard of maids with the bodies of fish, but when the creature pulled its fringe away from its face to reveal eyes of almost glowing blue, a square jaw, and a beard that dripped seawater down its chest, he could fully appreciate the one essential difference between this stranger and a maiden.

"And yours, mortal?" Thor finally asked, through still-grinding teeth, clearly aware that Loki was taking his time on purpose. "What do they call you, other than a nasty—" he hissed, as Loki 'accidentally' nicked him with the knife and gave a mellow shrug as apology "—poisonous little devil?"

"Many things. Thief, cur, silver-tongued, monster, liesmith, lover..." He tugged the net free from Thor's shoulders, and brushed the edges of those curiously soft gills with his long fingertips as he did so. He folded it neatly in his lap before setting it and his knife aside.

"But when people run out of these and more colorful words, they call me Loki."

...All from my disturbingly epic merman AU The Northern Sea, which I am happy to report has been complete for some time. I about died several times while writing it, I do NOT write long fics usually.

Illustration for Care and Feeding

Illustrations for Branded


Uh. My pillowcase inventory has been expanding, a lot, and it's still growing.

Let's play the "how long can I obsessively love Digimon" game! The answer is forever.

Companion images of Will and Hannibal. Their love is just so sweet, don't you think?

Bertholdt's tears are as addictive as they are upsetting.

Various commissions~

AND FROM NOW ON I COULD ACTUALLY UPDATE LJ WITH CURRENT ART AND STUFF?? Which is a seriously novel concept. I will have to get to work on making more :)
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