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I miss it here so, so much. I miss the cuts and the communities and the ability to have back and forth threads with people all in one place - imagine such a thing, it can be real! It IS real, it's right here on LJ! And yet it's been seven months since I last posted anything of worth. So, I'm just gonna go ahead and re-claim this journal for myself - make posts about life as it happens just because it's good for me. Today I went to an alpaca farm with Kat and watched an alpaca birth from start to finish. It is NOT a terribly involved process, despite my pre-conceptions of animal birth in general - she kind of strutted around a field uncomfortably with a nose sticking out of her alpaca vag for a while and then eventually it got its feet out and tumbled into a blanket her handler held out for her. Alpacas are all such soft-eyed, sort of dumb creatures that it's difficult, too, to tell the intelligence level of a newborn baby apart from its adult mom - but that's all right. They were all really really cute, I got to feed and pet them and it was an utter delight.

Above, an alpaca full of beauty, charm, and grace.

Then I came home and thought to myself, self - you have about fourty-eight hours left to get ready for Anime Expo - oh, right, yeah, that's happening - here's a photo of myself pretending to be ready for Anime Expo:

Beautiful. Anyway, I could not physically force myself to do any artwork whatsoever. )


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