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I have a ton of little fat cute things that I make into keychains. I can make virtually any character/person into one of these. It fills me with joy.

Inventory, Prices, and Commission info below! )
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because you just might fuckin' DROWN in that river of fandom you were whining about a month ago D-DEAR GOD-- it's like...every fandom I've ever had rushed up right into my throat and on TOP OF THAT I'm crushing so hard on yowamushi pedal that I'm about to claw my own face off.

I tried to play it cool. I tried to be all like...yeah this...this bike not THAT's not THAT great...

but...but it is's GREAT, you's great and I love it...and best of all so many of my friends are getting infected beyond hope of salvation...please talk to me about your yowapedal feelings if you have them I HAVE SO MANY I KEEP TRYING TO PLAY IT COOL BUT I LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH OTL ESPECIALLY MY IDIOT DUMB SPEEDSTERS...tadokoro...naruko...shinkai...but...also...EVERYONE?? I'm having such a hard time not being 100% FULLY emotionally invested in everyone like I'm trying not to drown in this much love it's AWFUL.

speaking of awful [ profile] fallen_woman is awful (AND BY THAT I MEAN SHE'S THE BEST) jfc one of my digimon songs just came on my winamp and it's enough to make me want to lay my face on the floor and cry instead of draw but I have to draw I have so MUCH STUFF TO DRAW i wanna draw the...yowapeds...I wanna draw all of them...


Jul. 1st, 2014 11:50 pm
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I'm actually working on a nice, sweet, catch-up post with art and pretty things to say and all of that, but. following the depression and then recovery from depression the other day, last night in the hour between jun 30 and jul 1 my cat of 14 years, sammy, walked out of the house, and I'm feeling very doubtful that I'll ever see him again. I'm catching a plane to LA in five hours, so I'm emotionally trapped between the need for sobbing grief and jubilant peppiness. life is hilarious like that, right?

Edit: Sammy passed at the vets office on Monday while I was still in LA.
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I miss it here so, so much. I miss the cuts and the communities and the ability to have back and forth threads with people all in one place - imagine such a thing, it can be real! It IS real, it's right here on LJ! And yet it's been seven months since I last posted anything of worth. So, I'm just gonna go ahead and re-claim this journal for myself - make posts about life as it happens just because it's good for me. Today I went to an alpaca farm with Kat and watched an alpaca birth from start to finish. It is NOT a terribly involved process, despite my pre-conceptions of animal birth in general - she kind of strutted around a field uncomfortably with a nose sticking out of her alpaca vag for a while and then eventually it got its feet out and tumbled into a blanket her handler held out for her. Alpacas are all such soft-eyed, sort of dumb creatures that it's difficult, too, to tell the intelligence level of a newborn baby apart from its adult mom - but that's all right. They were all really really cute, I got to feed and pet them and it was an utter delight.

Above, an alpaca full of beauty, charm, and grace.

Then I came home and thought to myself, self - you have about fourty-eight hours left to get ready for Anime Expo - oh, right, yeah, that's happening - here's a photo of myself pretending to be ready for Anime Expo:

Beautiful. Anyway, I could not physically force myself to do any artwork whatsoever. )
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Okay finally, here's my last art dump, before I start going on a drawing frenzy AGAIN and rack up a bunch more stuff I still haven't posted. Proceed below the cut!

there will be some gory and some suggestive stuff in here, but the porn is in another castle )

AND FROM NOW ON I COULD ACTUALLY UPDATE LJ WITH CURRENT ART AND STUFF?? Which is a seriously novel concept. I will have to get to work on making more :)
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I'm still working on that last art post for poor neglected LJ here, but in the meantime I actually really want to write real bad.

Give me between two and three characters + a prompt and I will write a drabble at least three sentences long in response.

I'll leave this post open indefinitely so if you ever get bored just come back here and sling ideas at me <3
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(beautiful in death)

A Balder Odinson FST

[download link] [8tracks]

So, I spent about a year and change on a Thor FST to match my favorite Loki one...and naturally, that left me one brother short of my ideal trio. So Kat and I embarked upon the endless search for the perfect combination for Balder the White. We did a really good job until we got stuck for like...months because we couldn't find THE PERFECT Frigga song (Loki and Thor each have one, so it was unthinkable that Balder shouldn't) - but last night, we prevailed.

In true Balder style, most of this music is soft and depressing. This is probably a good FST to fall asleep to, or like, drown to. One or the other. So I'm not sure if "enjoy" is the right prompt to leave here, but it is pretty, so enjoy anyway!

Cover (and most of the track selections) by [ profile] mattatoio, I was basically the assistant on this one.

01 | Great Lake Swimmers - Put There By The Land [x] [Nature]
there's a mark on my hand put there by the land
can't you see it's in me, can't you see?
there's a mark on the land put there by my hand

02 | Blank Capsule - Compulsion [x] [Confidence; or lack thereof]
finding the right words
can be a problem
how many times must it be said
there's no plan
it had to happen

03 | Gravenhurst - Song Among the Pine [x] [Nature (reprise)]
the ripple of the stream
is just one way the forest speaks to me
the anger in the streets
is just the way a broken city breathes

04 | Lightning Dust - Wondering What Everyone Knows [x] [Love]
you are a sound in my head
sew up my ears with your thread
with you on my head
and me on my toes
wondering what everyone knows

05 | Jose Gonzalez - How Low [x] [Loki]
someday you'll be up to your knees
in the shit you seed.
all the gullible
that you mislead
won't be up for it

06 | Murder by Death - Go To The Light [Failure]
pushed on and pushed aside
i've changed my song to match each story
i've changes sides
can i watch 'em as they fall
when they finally try to stand
redeem myself for everyone I've buried with these hands?

07 | Big Haunt - Burn Me Up [x] [Sorrow]
i'll be seeded
mended with the land
i'll grow quiet
i'll turn myself to sand

08 | Ane Brun - Lullaby for Grown-Ups [x] [Frigga]
don’t be afraid
don’t wear your inside out
to keep you warm

09 | Akira Yamaoka - Betrayal [x] [Ragnarok]

when I was a boy, I traveled often. forests opened to me, wolves put away their fangs and trod by my side as if they were pups. I learned the language of birds through their careful, patient tutelage, that they would offer no one else.

as I grew, a sword grew from my arm. it forged me like a chain to my brothers and sisters, together in arms we would defend, together in blood we would ravage. I gave up Gaea's gentle caress for the harsh and savage embrace of my people. the birds are strangers, now, the wolves beasts.

yet, when I kiss the face of a red blossom, the color drains, and the darling turns white against my lips.

[download link] [8tracks]

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I don't...even know how to parse my thoughts so I really just want to hear what other people thought. I'll keep this post itself unspoilery but if you click on it expect the comments to be FULL of spoilers.
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Happy belated halloween everyone! Happy post-OCTOBER, WOW, I'm so glad THAT month is over (it was insane for me). I missed all the celebrations because I was MOVING - not any actual distance, but from a tiny box shaped apartment to a house. A whole freaking house. My bedroom is like 50% bigger than my old one holy crap. And the ceilings are so high?? I don't understand ceilings I can't reach up and touch with my hands. THE KITCHEN IS SO BIG *-* IT ACTUALLY HAS A DISHWASHER. Oh, and it's also BEAUTIFUL, which my old apartment was not, in any way shape or form.

Moving on halloween itself was kind of hilarious to be honest, because while my old block was sparse on the trick-or-treaters, this new one was SWARMING. The circle I now live on has an incredible array of fun-house level decorators and hundreds upon hundreds of kids showed up, meanwhile I was there awkwardly maneuvering my U-Haul truck and my fucking couch that is impossible to carry and fits through no doors known to man (why did anyone ever make this thing). We got pretty much everything in the house, though, finally, and that's what matters. Here are some photos of it before we crammed it full of stuff!

moving stuff under here )
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Since I got all the porn taken care of in the first post, the following will be totally SFW...well, ish. No dicks this time, at least. However this is the post of TONS AND TONS of super rough unpolished sketches, kind of thrown roughly into different categories with very little meaningful commentary from me.

if that's your thing, come right on in! )

This is probably the fattest post I have ever made jfc do be warned.
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I am going to split all this art that I have into lots of different categories, starting with probably the most important - ALL THE PORN IN ONE PLACE YAY.

warnings: fetishy stuff, rough stuff, a little bit of non/dub con, microphilia, inter-species, totally non human genetalia.

oh and also mer-dicks, which are not like human dicks very much at all )
...Wow okay so I'm really reallly out of practice constructing LJ posts and have drawn about 8000 things since the last time I got my journal current. Please be patient with me as I clumsily archive tons and tons of stuff.
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does anyone still even follow me here good lord ;;; I don't even...get it, like the moment that I finally came back to this bright clear discussion-oriented layout I felt like I was in heaven. HOW IS EVERYONE DOING, TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RECENT LIFE EVENTS!!

I am MOVING soon! Not to anywhere different as far as location, but to a house instead of a tiny apartment, with a third beloved roommate, and dear god I cannot wait but it's going to be so much work.

also I think I failed to even mention I have a job now? and I cleared all my debt to DLLR, though that's a more recent development. and um. I'm working on a comic..and hopefully overall improving my art, though I have not made any significant jumps recently ugh.

I also just finished a really porny Rush one shot and I'm REALLY HAPPY it did not turn into a monster epic like The Northern Sea did. I finished that, though, even though it caused me two minor mental breakdowns. I am a very weak and sad writer.

I'm...really excited for Thor 2 but also really scared for what the fandom will be like after the movie comes out. I'm not particularly frightened about what anyone will do, per se, but it's gotten kind of unfathomably massive since the Avengers came out and I spend too much time on tumblr (I should probably cut down, a lot) and I get really...dragged down and overstimulated just by the constant flow an repetition of images. I think that's probably part of the reason I had this kind of sobby reaction finally opening up LJ again, because it reminds me of the early Thor fandom (which was my own return to fandom after a long, painful, unintentional break), the first rounds of Norsekink, and all the fics that are still by FAR my favorite, because as the quantity has gone up, not only has my perception of the quality gone down (my favorite authors left/stopped writing and I have always been incredibly scared of sifting through shitty fic) but the entire fandom focus seems in general to be very, for lack of better words, "tumblr-minded" - "give me as much as possible as fast as possible and let me literally DROWN myself in churned out imagery/gifs/videos ect until I can barely think" - which gets overwhelming for me very quickly, as well as aids in actually totally killing my personal passion for something. Not permanently, but I need to take some huge steps back - but THEN I don't feel like I'm actually involved or interacting in the fandom - OK RANT GETTING CUT SHORT BECAUSE I HAVE TO GO TO WORK but I wonder if anyone gets what I mean by this discombobulated crap I'm spewing.
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All the full views are under the cut! )

Each of these lovelies were part of my first commissioned set of pillowcases, and I am currently accepting pre-orders for them until October 20th. If you're interested in any, the pre order form is right here, and I don't charge until after the 20th!
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Did you know you can buy Smut Peddler as a digital download for 15$? It's true, and the book is fucking AWESOME. We're still waiting for a solid ETA on the print version, but that will be even more amazing, I can't wait to hold it in my hands. Seriously, though, all the stories are incredibly top notch, hot as hell, and extremely inclusive. It's a brilliant read <3

unrelated smut comics by myself under the cut )
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Okay time for me to dump a whole bunch of art here. Once I'm up to date I can talk about LIFE and stuff P:

[ profile] sumeragiskank's MLP avatar drawn by kat colored by me DO NOT STEAL.

some pretty nsfw stuff under here PORN among other things )
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Reposted from the Watchdom community because I literally can't contain my own rage. Spoilers for BW: Ozymandias 1 under the cut.

this rant is titled fuck you DC )
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A nine-track fanmix attempting to paint a portrait of the God of Thunder.

Track listing, lyrics, notes, and download links inside. )

About a year ago, when I first got into the Thor fandom, I came across About Being Noticed by [ profile] wicked_time, a Loki fanmix I ended up falling deeply in love with. It's very rare for me to find a full mix of songs I not only listen to over and over again, but also find perfect for the character. What really struck me about the mix, though, was the sense of chronology, and how listening to it from beginning to end felt like I was being absorbed in the story of Loki's personality.

The only thing missing from the perfect world where this fanmix existed, clearly, was an equivalent for Thor. I have been working on this for months, trying and re-trying tracks until I nursed it to my ear's satisfaction. My ear is finally satisfied, so here it is!

Full fst [@dropbox] [@8tracks]

01 | Carbon Leaf - Shine [x] [Youth]
     it's the giant, so defiant
    but I'm happier if I can sleep
     if I wake though, volcano! fee fi fo fum bang the drum around or put it down
    and figure out if I'm out of line

02 | Darren Korb - Spike in a Rail [x] [Reckless]

03 | Puscifer - Momma Sed [x] [Frigga]
     wake up son of mine
     momma got something to tell you
     life will have its way
     with your pride, son

04 | The National - Forever After Days [x] [Responsible]
     take my shot under the light
     heroes come the common way
     pull myself into the sky
     wrap me in the banner I made

05 | Nick Cave - Come Into My Sleep [x] [Jane]
     take your accusations your incriminations and toss them into the ocean blue
     leave your regrets and impossible longings scattered across the sky behind you
     and come into my sleep

06 | Murder by Death - Ash [x] [Comrades in Arms]
    the ghosts were howlin' in the late afternoon, we were
     singin' along to the same old tune.
     I turned to my brothers to look them in the eye;
     there was ash...ash falling from the sky.

07 | A Perfect Circle - Crimes [x] [Unstable]

08 | Sneaker Pimps - The Fuel [x] [Sexual]
     I've got the fuel in my head from the flesh; I need to break sweat
     I've got the fuel and I might get offensive; I might be some threat
     I want back doors, want blood on the sheets again
     give me back doors, give me blood on sheets again

09 | Murder by Death - White Noise [x] [Resolved]
     you've heard the stories of me
     you know what I can do
     I take the embers of man's anger
     and there's nothing I can't spin them into

Bonus Track - Mjolnir's Song
XX | A Perfect Circle - The Hollow (Constantly Consuming Mix) [x]
      so grow, libido, throw
     dominoes of indiscretions down
     falling all around, in cycles, in circles
     constantly consuming
       conquer and devour

Full fst [@dropbox] [@8tracks]

Cover graphic credit goes to [ profile] mattatoio.
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One more thing that gets its own special post! The ladies of Smut Peddler have launched its KICKSTARTER - which means you are that close to owning a 350 page anthology of original lady-made PORN.

The work is all amazing. I put a few teaser panels of my own contribution as well as a compilation image under the cut!

click for more porn NSFW )


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